DIGITAL YARN SPLICE STRENGTH TESTER : a low cost simple instrument used to test the Retained Splice Strength (RSS) of single/double yarn on the machine itself, so as to take corrective steps immediately. The instrument reproduces single thread strength results with high accuracy as those obtained from expensive & sophisticated single yarn strength testers. Thus it can be also used as portable single yarn strength tester. It is provided with PEAK HOLD feature so that the yarn breaking value is hold on the display. It based on load cell transducer for better accuracy, in built low battery indicator and low power consumption (9volt) gives longer battery life. A special clamp is provided for gripping the yarn firmly while taking readings.

The Splice is also available with Stand and hand rotated fly wheel, with a dial indicator that shows the elongation in mm. Also the option for motorized model is available with range from 500 gms to 5 kg.

The newly designed mechanical model is also more accurate & long lasting because of more precision watch mechanism components, & rugged construction. No back lash because of heir spring. Also provided with two hands, a driving hand & a drag hand to determine the splice strength of yarn at the breaking point. Range available : 500, 1000, 2000 gms.
(Table top model & also portable)
Digital single/double yarn strength tester
  • It tester is battery operated and also on 230 volts with adoptor.
  • One jaw is fix and the other is moving with the instrument.
  • It is hand operated fly wheel type, with elongation measured in mm with a least count of 0.01mm on the dial indicator.
  • It also suitable for double yarn strength test.
  • it can be used on shop floor as well as in the lab with stand for more accurate & sturdy results.
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