Sunrise Industries :  offers a portable, battery operated moisture meter for measuring moisture percentage in cotton/ staple fibre/  operates on the principal of definite relation between moisture content and electrical conductivity of hygroscopic materials.

Detachable electrodes are available to promote the efficiency of the instrument, so as to meet the requirement of the various processing stages:

  • Flat surface type for surface measurements.
  • Piercing type for measurement underneath the surface( for cone, simplex bobbin, lap etc….)
  • Deep penetration type for cotton bales.

The other features of this model are listed below : 

  • Single instrument can be used for measuring cotton/staple fibre/ polyester.
  • Internal calibration with a single potentiometer enables the operated easily to check the calibration.
  • Testing can be done with be a single button and direct reading on analog scale indicated in 9 % of moisture.
  • Provision is given for checking condition of battery.

NOTE: Special scale and sensor for different material can be developed on required (i.e. coffee, tea, spices, etc.)
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